Looking at roofs

I have a modest collection of photographs of roofs, in particular those in Prague. There are a lot of high points to take the photos from, which is pretty cool as it gives a different perspective to look at the city.


The joys of life

I’m going to cheat a little and post a photo from Prague 2nd day in a row. Browsing through the Prague folders today I got a feeling that I’ll be posting more picture from the beautiful city in the coming days.

I’ve also added a better new comment section for each photo page, feel free to use it and as always, share away 🙂

The joys of life


Back in Time

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been a little busy lately, though it’s no excuse. One has to make time for things he enjoys. I don’t wanna be an exception to this. So the only thing I can do is try and make up for the lost time by posting more often in the coming weeks. So get ready, normal service is resumed at Curious Lines. Despite being off for a short time I still got a decent number of hits which is always an added encouragement to keep posting.

I was walking around Prague when I randomly came across some kind of a parade, which made me feel like i fell back in time, at least for a short while. And people say time travel is not possible 🙂

Back in time


Prague pre-sunset panorama

Taking panorama shots in crowded places could be tricky. This particular photo was an absolute pain in the butt to stich together. Moving people and different levels of light (because of a time of the day) all around the square did not help at all. But I’m satisfied with the result.  …. oh almost forgot HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
Click on the pic to enlarge or download a larger file.

Prague Sunset panorama


Love locks

Today I’m feeling inspirational so I’ll be posting 3 whole pictures. The first one in particular has once been selected as a cover for my local university newspaper, a copy of which proudly collects dust somewhere in the corner of my room. All three pictures are from the same place in Prague, just next to the famous “Lennon wall”. Those who’ve been to Prague have probably seen both.

The story goes that couples/newlyweds come to this spot and put a lock onto the metal bar as a symbol of their strong, unbreakable, everlasting, solid as a lock love. I’ve seen a few similar places in Europe but this one stands out in my memory a little more than the others.