Garonne Panorama – Daily Commute

I’m gonna do something new today and post a photo from my phone. It’s incredibly how much camera phones have improved in recent years. A bit of colour editing and you get a wonderful image like this. It’s not of great quality and won’t do for a big print but it’s still a pleasant photo.¬†This view is part of my daily commute and after nearly two years I’m still not tired of it

Garrone Panorama.


It’s been a while since my last post and oddly enough the blog has been getting more hits in my absence. These days I haven’t had much time to edit photos but here’s the one I did get my hands on. This is a pano shot of Marseille from Notre Dame de la Garde, which opens up a fantastic view of many parts of the city. Thanks to my very kind friend I got to spend christmas in Marseille and if my experience is anything to judge by the bad rep Marseille gets in France is not fully justified. To me it seemed a very diverse city with a lot of character and open people. I’ll be surely going back for more ūüôā


Gustaf Adolf’s square (G√∂teborg)

Another panorama collecting virtual dust on my hard drive. This one, just like the name suggest, is Gustaf Adolf’s square in Gothenburg. Gustaf is the man on the statue right in the middle, considered to be the city’s founding father. As always click on the pic to enlarge or download the full size.

Gustaf Adolf's square


Prague pre-sunset panorama

Taking panorama shots in crowded places could be tricky. This particular photo was an absolute pain in the butt to stich together. Moving people and different levels of light (because of a time of the day) all around the square did not help at all. But I’m satisfied with the result. ¬†…. oh almost forgot HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
Click on the pic to enlarge or download a larger file.

Prague Sunset panorama


Ljubljana main square panorama

I don’t shoot very often in the dark for whatever reason. I guess I just don’t carry my camera when go out in the evenings, maybe I’m too lazy because it sometimes implies carrying a tripod. This was one time that I did have it with me during a late night walk through Ljubljana. The main square looked so much emptier, more inviting and interesting in a different way so I decided to set up my mini tripod (which got later confiscated in sweden) and took a few shots. I think this was one of my very first panorama shots. It’s a little crooked and I didn’t quite get all of the buildings in but I think it’s still alright. (click on the pic to enlarge)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Piazza panorama in Rome

I absolutely love panoramic shots. Sometimes a single shot alone isn’t enough to transmit the feeling of how it’s like to be standing in front of a plaza or looking down at a city skyline from a tower or a hill. They’re great at painting a bigger picture but they can also be fun to zoom into sometimes to explore the scene, those frozen moments of people going about their business.

Panoramic shots are so cool that I’ve decided to add a separate link to the sidebar on the right to group them together. Hopefully I’ll be posting more of them. (Click on the pic to enlarge or download the full size)

Rome, Italy

Copenhagen skyline

I like how many big cities in europe have a hill or a tower where you can see the whole city. The fact that there usually aren’t any skyscrapers means you don’t always have to go very high up to see far away. I don’t remember how many shots this took me but this was on top of the Round Tower in Copenhagen¬†(Rundet√•rn). I had to walk around in a circle to make sure I had all of the skyline saved on my cam. Overall I’m pleased how this turned out considering I had to walk around in a circle and take shots through metal bars. Hope you like it too.

Copenhagen Skyline