City like a painting

Rovinj is a small city in Istria on the Croatia coast. I feel like every view of the city from every angle could be turned into a painting. I can’t paint so the picture will have to do ūüôā


Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

I was fortunate to be staying close to the walls of Dubrovnik, which gave me a nice view on the city from the roof of the building. This is one of the few shots I snapped before the sunset.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary sm


Croatia | Hrvatska (Video)

I’ve been, once again, absent for a while. Luckily not for the shortage of things to post. Unluckily for me, that gives me no excuse as to why I was absent. I’ll make up for it by posting something different. This will be my first video. I’ve changed my camera sometime last year. It’s more or less like my old Canon 50D but unlike the 50D it’s also a video camera. I was very curious to¬†familiarize¬†myself with video when the camera travelled with me to Croatia. So I ended up having a lot of random videos from that beautiful country (which is probably why I filmed so much in the first place). So here’s my scrappy attempt at a short video clip.

Old man in Split

This is in Split, Croatia. There are many beautiful cities along the Croatian coast, but Split has got to be one of my favourites. Not only for its awing historic city center but also its liveliness. I was walking along one of the central roads down to the beach and saw this interesting old man heading my way. Despite needing crutches he still walked¬†gracefully,¬†beaming with confidence. The type that comes from knowledge, like he knew something I didn’t. He put his head down as soon as he saw me grab the handle of my cam.